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About Us - The Bargain Community - BB4BM

The journey so far...

The original 'Bargain Buys For Busy Mums' Facebook group (BB4BM) was setup in October 2013 by busy mum of one, Jody Leggett, as somewhere for her to help other local mums find online bargains.  Within just a few months it started to evolve into a one-stop-shop for anyone with children in their lives who wanted to save money by getting the best deals, offers and discounts.

The group continued to grow, along with its focus to help its members by providing a personal shopping function (now retired), a 'Bargain of the Day' feature, online voucher codes and a basic Monthly Newsletter.

Within just 12 months, the Facebook group reached 120,000 members, had an admin team of 10.  The foundation of our website was released to make selected bargains accessible by anyone at any time - regardless if you are on Facebook or not.

To mark the first significant milestone we celebrated our 1st Birthday with a free prize give-away and were overwhelmed with the response.

This inspired us to really want to grow and help our community further by investing more into this website and the benefits that we offer as a whole.  So the next additions to the site were; a 'Bargain of the Month', the ability to search for bargains by name or browse them by brand, and a latest bargains section.  The facebook group saw the introduction of 'Sales Alerts' so you never have to miss the start of the next big sale.

Our newsletter subscriber list hit 15,000 and was now being sponsored by big name brands who supplied the prizes in the Monthly Prize Draws.  The newsletter also included a 'Bargain of the past Month', exclusive deals, exclusive voucher codes and our own money saving advice 'snippets'.

By Christmas 2014 we reached in excess of 155,000 members and due to the success of the previous prize give-away, we held another one for Christmas 2014.  It was touching to hear the feedback from the winners as to the real difference that we made by giving away those gifts.

The start of 2015 saw the launch of our new travel section on the site and a corresponding Facebook group was born called 'Travel Bargains From BB4BM'.  This was closely followed by a new 'freebie' section and the start of our 'bargain community blog' on the site.  The 'members help members' feature was added to the main group which really promoted the community spirit by everyone helping to find a requested item for the cheapest price.  

March was a really exciting month with our biggest ever prize give-away held to celebrate Easter.  We had over £1500 of prizes donated from the great companies that we work with.  This co-incided with us reaching our next significant milestone of 200,000 members and us announcing our commitment to support Children's Hospice charities in 2015.

May was the month that we introduced our Daily Bargain Alert emails and they received some fantastic feedback. This motivated us to want to get as many people benefiting from our money saving alerts as possible, so we announced a cash give-away when we hit targets on the number of email subscribers. The first winner was randomly chosen in July, who received £100.

August saw another new section added to the site titled best bargains, with it showcasing the most popular online deals that have been shared with the community in the past 48 hours, so if you don't want to waste time hunting for the best deals across the web, just take a look at this section!  At the end of the month we hit our next email subscriber target for the Daily Bargain Alerts, so gave away £250 cash to our second lucky winner.

In October we hit our next big milestone of 250,000 members and as this also coincided with our 2nd birthday we wanted to mark the occasion with another prize draw give-away.  As Christmas was just around the corner we decided that offering to buy Christmas presents would probably be appreciated amongst our members.  Winners were able to choose any item from Amazon (up to a specific value) and we ensured these items were ordered and delivered well in time for Christmas.

As we brought 2015 to a close, there was just enough time for another prize give-away for Christmas - in two draws on special days during December with prizes worth over £700.  Also, the final cash prize winner was announced, who received £500 when we hit our last target for the number of subscribers to our Daily Bargain Alerts emails!

The start of 2016 saw a re-design of our logo and key parts of our site were re-structured to allow our deals to be grouped into easy-to-search categories.  We also added a new feature that lists where to currently get the cheapest nappies, with this section being updated daily by our team.  This became very popular within days of being active, receiving thousands of social shares and it continues to be cherished by our members.

Regarding prize give-away's, 2016 was our biggest yet - starting with Valentines day, onto Mother's day and then Easter.  When we hit 300,000 members in May we couldn't resist another event, but this time we asked our community what they would prefer.  The results of the voting were clear - they wanted cash, so cash it was for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes!  Father's day and then 'back to school' themed give-away's then followed.

Being featured in the The Sun as 'website of the week' at the start of July and then working with the Observer in August was amazing.  Later in the year it was great to get involved with some of the big names in the parent blogging community with numerous collaborative pieces, interviews and reviews of who we are and what we do.  We managed to reach 400,000 members in December and just had to round the year off with our biggest free give-away yet - with the prize pot being worth well over £2000 and timed for the '7 days of Christmas'!

We then moved things forward by launching on Instagram and experimenting with Facebook Live to cover some of the big sale events in 2017. When we hit 444,444 members we celebrated by giving away cash to 4 lucky members (£444, £44, £4.44 & 44p).  We hosted our biggest ever prize giveaway in December that smashed the previous year's prize pot total with it being titled '12 days of Christmas - over £3000 worth of prizes to be won'.

In both 2018 and 2019 our focus was to go back to basics, focusing on more of what our members wanted - great bargains. We grew our admin team to further support our members and to hunt out more deals.  We explored new sectors to bring exclusive deals on phones, holidays, insurance and even furniture. Both our monthly and daily bargain alert emails were re-vamped to align with the feedback (gratefully) received. It was an amazing end to 2019 when we hit our (previous) all-time goal to reach half a million members.

As we moved through 2020, 2021, 2022 and then 2023 we saw some truly crazy times with COVID-19 and its after-effects, but kept strong with our dedicated admin team, supporting our community more than ever - and as we navigated the tough times we continued our plans to enhance the security of our website, and grow the community further.  We were happy to end 2023 with over 590,000 members

Watch this space while our journey continues through 2024, with our goal to reach 1 million members in the next 2 years!

Remember that we are here to help and we are very proud of the countless testimonials that we continue to receive - as it makes it all worth while, so feel free to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

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