What Our Members Say..

From the beginning, when the Facebook group started, our primary goal was to help as many people save as much money as possible - hence the concept of our Online Bargain Community.  We continue to make this our number one priority while growing the Facebook group and offer more features on the website and in our newsletters. 

At every step of the way we have had amazing support from our members and we cherish all of the positive comments and testimonials that we get.  Below is just a sample of some of the wonderful feedback we have received over the past years.

We really do value our member feedback, so please feel free to either post a message into our Facebook group, add a comment below, or use our contact page - we promise to always reply!


Isla - Really grateful for all of the savings I got on toys at Chrismas!  Thanks a tonne and keep up the fantastic work everyone xx

Emma - So chuffed with all of the toy deals in the group! Saved a bundle on my little one's birthday gifts. Cheers! x

Georgie - This group's a lifesaver! I continue to get all my baby essentials at a bit of a steal! Cheers to you all!


Sharon - I love this site so much I've save loads of ££££ since I joined the group, thank you x x

Samantha - You are doing a great job, if it wasnt for this site I wouldn't of even thought of starting Christmas/Birthday bargain huntin' for months :)

Vicki - What a fantastic idea!  Love this site and I hope the travel one can be just as successful too xx

Lisa - I just joined and the 1st post was perfect as an extra present for my daughters birthday, I am kicking myself that I missed out on all of the Christmas deals [that] I could have had!

Sarah - This [community] group saved me a fortune this Christmas.  Family commenting on how much it must have cost and were all shocked when I told them how cheap most of it was.  Thank you.

Danielle - Thanks girls, this year was the first time ever I was organised for Christmas, all thanks to this site and now I am even more organised for next year.  Keep up the amazing work!!   My kids faces were priceless on Christmas morning.  Amazing xx

Samantha - Thank you to all the admin team that run this page, I have two very happy children this Xmas morning and without this page they would have only got half of what they got

Sarah - Thanks to this group I haven't had to pay full price on anything, or I've managed to get really nice things at ridiculously low prices on eBay and Amazon!  My 2 girls will have a Christmas this year that they would normally have only been dreamed of xx

Ben - Every parent needs to join! The savings on toys and essentials are unreal.  Hats off to this fab community!

Emma - have done it also [saved on the 50% offer], this site is excellent and I'm truly grateful to all the people that put the time in to help others on here. Thank u xxx

Siobhan - Happy birthday BB4BM!! You are like the money saving fairy in our house who is always looking for new deals and updated bargains

Claire - Happy 1st birthday to this wonderful group and newsletter, so happy you ladies created it as I know I would have never found all the bargains I've had the last year without this page, thanks again

Caroline - This is a great page! I've only been on it for a week and I love the deals you post on here!  I usually leave xmas present shopping to the last minute - but I have already started with the help of this page! :)  Thank u! x

Susan - well I thought this group would be no good for me but having grandchildren at 10,9 and 1, its fab!  So all nannies need to join to.. lovely page, helpful and pleasant pp, thanks all

Kelly - Just sorted through my Xmas stash!  I am well on my way thanks to this group.  I don't think I paid full price for any of it!


Caroline - I was born to shop, BUT I don't do rummaging to find bargains..  So I love this site - bargains I don't have to rummage for [Thumbs up]

Lorna - Huge thanks for all these bargains.  My daughter is having a fab birthday and it is all thanks to this group x

Alice - You all do such an amazing job of posting bargains for us - I don't know how you find them all.  You're all stars!!!

Karen T - Don't usually comment in groups but had to say that I agree with all of the lovely people praising the group on finding the amazing kids toys this month! Thank you.

Sara - Thanks for the discount code for The Works.  Got a paw patrol golf set, chalk bucket, 52 piece activity case, paddle ball, activity pack and colouring pad all for £14.30!!

Heidi - I just wanted to say that you guys do a brilliant job, BB4BM is my favourite facebook group.  Over the last year I have managed to get some great bargains all thanks to you guys - keep up the good work x x

Gina - Thank you for saving me so much money throughout the year.  I love this group for saving money on presents, on the kids. But mostly thank you for changing my thinking, everything I buy big or small I shop around and its always a bargain! X

Sam - I need to be banned off this group between 3AM and 6AM.. A stressfull night after work resulting in another 6 bargains [being] ordered.  It's only February and I have a wardrobe full of bargains already.

Katie - This site is terribly awesome!!  My daughters presents for the year are practically done and I've even saved a few for myself which my partner can get me :)  For poeple who are on a budget, this site is a life saver!!

Eireen - My bank balance is loving these bargains

Shelley - Thanks for all the great bargains already this year, my daughter has been more lucky than we ever could have afforded for both last year and her birthday.  A very happy birthday to you! x

Helen - I love this group and your site so much, have saved so much money and having been on maternoty and recently having to move we are struggling, your group has helped so much for birthdays, baby showers and such xxx

Michelle - Brilliant!  We have this [Marvels Bag] and the rain mac now too thanks to BB4BM!!  My son is going to be delighted!! xx

December 2021

Kerry - My son has plenty of presents through this site, so I've now started collection presents for the Wire FM Present Appeal for the less fortunate children - so this page is now helping those children have a fab Christmas too x

Sue - I worked out that I've saved roughly around £180 this Christmas thanks to this site.  Cannot thank you enough.  Plus I brag to all the other mums about it all the time at the school.  Keep up the super work, can't wait to start shopping again in Jauary xx

Cazzie - I only joined this month but have saved over £500 on christmas presents which is very handy for an old age pensioner with 34 grandchildren 6 great grandchildren plus their parents!  Thankyou for the group and all the hard work you do xx

Maria - My sister told me about this group originally, now I am always on it and have recommended this site to all of my family.  I am very grateful of winning the £100 Argos voucher from entering the Feb prize draw, many thanks again for a great site.

November 2021

Shelley - Thanks for all the great bargains this year, my daughter has been more lucky than we ever could have afforded for both last year and her birthday.  A very happy birthday to you! x

Emmay - Well done to all the admin team that do a fab job!  I'm a first time mum with twin boys and my xmas is so much easier with the group, I love it!! X

Tracy - I love this site, it is Very useful.  I am a nan and have 2 grandsons and the toys they like are quite expensive.  But I have got loads of things for them for Christmas and have saved over £100.  They will be having a good Christmas this year, thankyou so much for this site xx

Amy - I want to thank everyone on this again for the 100th time.  Both my girls are now done for Xmas, I've got some fab deals and very few items I have paid full price for thanks to this this group.  I have a tight budget every year and usually just get loads of bits because they are cheap, but this year I've managed to spend on better quality, yet bargain prezzies xxxxx

October 2021

Suzanne - Love this group so much.... It's going to be my little friend again for Xmas - already got two fab bargains for the kids x

Leighann - Received my Amazon stuff today... All of this [photo of 6 items] for £47 which I think is amazing considering its Ninjago stuff and Sky Landers games!  Loving all the bargains :)

Leanne - Thanks for letting us know about the Argos 20% off, I have made a big dent on the Christmas shopping, I'm well happy!!  Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated :)))

Lisa - My little 2 year old is going to be over the moon when Father Christmas gives her this [little tikes 'Rockin Puppy'] I can't thank you enough for posting that it was back in stock.

September 2021

Rebecca - Very happy!  Just got all presents out and voila, little girls gifts all half price or less.  Well happy and will have a very happy little girl on Xmas morning x x

Joanne - Can officially say that my daughters birtday and xmas is finished thanks to this wonderful site and everyone who contributes - thank you xxx

Sarah - Dunno if there is a feedback area on here but I just wanna say, I love this group. Started my Xmas shopping last week, and almost done already. The problem is, I've become a shopaholic lol. I've saved over £300 so far thanks to you guys - MASSIVE THANKS x

Danni - Thank you to this group for your bargains.  I've started my Xmas shopping and spent almost HALF of what the retail price would of been!  Lots more to get still so will still keep watching!

August 2021

Tashi - Been in the facebook group from when it only had a couple of thousand members and now its the biggest group going... is it any surprise?  No.  Everyone is so helpful, friendly and the bargains are brilliant!

Liz - Just to say a big thank you!  I follow a few money saving groups but this one by far has given me the best offers, I've filled a bin liner this week with stocking fillers and ahve more on the way (all bargains) thank you! :) :)

Lauren - Jody Leggett, my cupboard is full and I've enjoyed the bargains!  Xmas will be stress free this year and 3 kids will be very happy on xmas morning down to your teams hard work, thanks xxxxxx

Lou - I love Christmas shopping early! Most of mine is done thanks to this site, I'm really pleased with all the bargains with my fave so far being the £1.27 fuzzy felt advent calendar :)

July 2021

Kerry - I'm so happy I found this site as I had some bad test results today and not sure at this stage what the future holds, but I already have my son's 4th Birthday in November sorted and Christmas presents almost sorted, so thats less for me to worry about.  Keep up the good work ladies x

Nicola - I just wanted to say that I only joined about 3 weeks ago and I've already made about 12 purchases towards Xmas and Birthdays.  This is a fantastic group. Thankyou to everyone that posts as you have already saved me loads and I am very addicted to this site! x x

Donna - My bargain Christmas present bought for my daughter so far all thanks to this group!  Cost around £35 in total, all half price or even less - I totally love this page.

Jess - Thanks to you guys I have managed to spend £60 and got all of my little boys friends birthday presents and half of my Xmas shopping done.... Love it!

June 2021

Amy- Would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to this group!  I have saved £150+ and got lots of things for my children for Christmas.

Tanya - I've already saved a small fortune for Christmas presents!!  And the bonus is that I feel like I am more organised than ever!!  Massive thanks.

Lyn - This page [group] has saved me loads which has meant that I have grabbed some extra bits for my girls birthday so a huge thank you x

Maria - This has to be my fav group!!!  Love a bargain and buying toys formy son.  thankyou! X

May 2021

Donna - Would just like to say what an amazing site BB4BM is, I have found loads of bargains and so have my friends who I have recommended this site to. Thank you to all the team for all your hard work on this site. Sending love and hugs x x

Nickie - fab, thanks for this [bargain], just spent £32 instead of £200!

Paula - Ironically this site is going to bankrupt me :)  ha ha.  Birthdays sorted and started Christmas, plus a few things for me too..  Thining of the savings, not the spending.

Jodie - Thank you so much for finding us the bargains!  I've been able to start my Crimbo shopping early due to you lot.  Love this page, you all do a fab job x x

April 2021

Cheryl - I love this site, it helps me out loads Xxxx 

Corinne - I love this [Facebook] group!  Everyone is so kind and helpful and I've save a fortune.  Highly recommend

Carole - I joined your group just before christmas for curiosity and within minutes was adding my friends, the offers are brill, the newsletter is awesome, thankyou so much for the work you put in to enable us all to save those hard earnt pounds and pennies

Joanne - Thank You!  I joined your group yesterday and I've just ordered £85 worth of bargains, saving me hundreds.

March 2021

Donna - I would like to say Thank you so very much. I am a single, disabled parent,  with two children 17yrs and 12yrs, my youngest is also disabled. Due to money being so tight and my youngest not fitting into 1 box at the hospital but lots of them he can't be (labeled) as the term they used so he doesn't qualify for financial help but has to be home schooled. But with this brilliant site you have created I have saved so much money that I've been able to buy the odd Xmas present for family members and birthday presents for them too. Any money left over from my pressy budget I'm able to get extra for my precious boys.  I only wish I could buy each and everyone of you a thank you gift, as I honestly can't begin to say how you have helped me (a complete stranger) as I'm sure many others without even realizing it. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU XxX

Megan - Wow... [competition] looks amazing, thank you so much for doing this for us all!  I have saved loads due to this site so thank you again xxx

Tina - Just saw this page in my local paper.  Well done Jody & Amanda, you should be so proud

Sharon - It's a great group.. and thank you to you and your team for bringing these deals to the publics attention.  It's very much appreciated! :)

February 2021

Tracy - I've saved a hundred quid on my grandsons 1st Birthday which is the 26th of this month.  Without this site it would have cost me a lot of money so I thankyou for this xx

Leanne - So addicted to this site!  Since being added I have got a few real bargains that should have come to £150, but you saved me £100, thanks ever so much.   My little boy will be so happy on his Birthday in April.  I check the site daily.

Lisa - Thank you so much for all of the amazing posts, I have managed to save lots x

Kirsty - Now this is what you call a good free sample offer!  By clicking on your site and looking through your freebie offers I received this today [Photo] x thank you x

January 2021

Mons  P -  Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Only joined [the group] two weeks ago and have already bagged loads of really great bargains!!

Cathy R  - I am a subscriber [to emails] as cant be in the group every day like I used to, so just wanted to say that they are a life saver so I don't miss out on the best bargains each day.

Nicole M -  Great group with a great admin team - still the best of its kind for me!! Keep it up girls!!

Emma L  - Got some good deals in the Jan sales thanks to you guys so THANK YOU XX

December 2020

Amy L  -  Wow cant believe I have won day 7 of the christmas give away prize draw and have won a £500 gift card from pound toy.  Thankyou so so much!

Liz J - Just bought this and grand baby gonna love it!!!  thank you!!!

Zoe T -  Wow!  I have ordered sooo much from this group over the years. it really is FAB!

Donna C  - Love this site.  I've managed to get everything I've for with great savings thanks to here.

November 2020

Frankie M -  Would like to say a huge thank you to everyone on this group, especially the admin for all these great deals [photo].  My daughter's birthday is on Sunday and she will love every single one, so a massive thank you for all the hard work :)

Rachel EH  - It's an amazing group!  Xmas is so much cheaper thanks to the work of these guys!  Big thanks xxx

Louse B  - I'm spending more because of the great deals that are on here!  But I am loving it tho LOL!

Jjade R - Keep telling myself I am just getting a few extra bits for Christmas, but keep going!  But feels less stressful instead of last minute shopping.

October 2020

Clare G - After months I was finally able to purchase this bike [photo] as it has come back in stock at the reduced price!  Thank you so much to this group for sharing.

Liz J - Just bought this [hatchimal] and grandson going to love it!  Thank you!   This is an amazing group!

Drew G - I have managed to get everything I wanted and everything had a great saving.  amazing!!!!

Carria C - Does anyone want to transfer me a grand so I can go crazy on the amazing things I'd love to buy in this group! x

September 2020

Corinne P - OMG.  I love this site!  Utterly hooked.  Thank you.

Val M - Thank you all so much for running this [group].  With having 7 grandchildren there is always a birthday coming up so I stockpile as I go!

Sara S - Things have been very tight in my house but at least the kids don't need to miss out on their Christmas presents this year, and that is thanks to this great community.  So thankful. x

Ben K - Although I wasn't fussed on itname as us men feel like we are left out... but I do really love the group.  Great bargains.  Saved a fortune.  Thank you.

August 2020

Kym M - OMG!  I've bought loads for Christmas through this page already x love it xx

Jenny W - I love and hate this page... Just when I think I'm not going to spend.. Another fab Bargain pops up.

Kylie T - My mum was the one [that] told me about this page and ever since I check it every day.  Addicted!  Love that everyone saves money.  I just need some cheap UK holiday options please!

Josie R - Been a fan right from the start and I won silver prize in this months newsletter so just had to post and say thank you!!!  xxxxx

July 2020

Joanne M - I have had so many bargains the last few days from this site, much appreciated thank you x

Sam H - Just some of my bargains that I have got from here [Photos].  Thank you so mch for all your hard work xx  cost just £27.51 (:-x)

Michelle G - This site has helped me for many birthdays and Christmas times ! All this [Photo] from Argos for just £25.  Thank you for all your hard work

Emma B -  Gunna have one happy girl on Xmas day!!!  Now what to get for a 1 year old boy.  I am sure you will all give me some great ideas xx

June 2020

Thomas R -  Great [fb] group filled with a real sense of community where everyone shares great deals 247!!

Lucy R -  I still love bb [Bargain Buys] and I have been a member of years now.  thank you all so much agaom.  much love x

Rachel K - Thank you all for the great bargains!!  Have bought so much in lock down but all really cheap so it is fine !! :)

Danni P -  All of my family are in here [group] and we love it.  Can't say thank you enough for the cash we have saved.

May 2020

Shauna Y -  Just amazing!!  Not the first time I have said it, I just love this site.

Tommy S - The best group I have found for bargains.  Members are a great bunch as well! :)

Carly R A - I have only been in the facebook group for 2 weeks but have found some really great deals and have told all my friends and family about it.  Keep up the good work!

Di M - Thank you for sharing the daily bargains.   I was one of the lucky ones to get this one [lego head storage box] before it sold out, I learnt early on that I need to be quick

April 2020

Jakie P - With these uncertain times, bargains are really greatfully received at the moment! Thank you.

Sara Q -  **I love this group!!!** x x

Marie A - Keep the deals coming ladies - I am so bored at home and this is keeping me sane :)

George C - It is great to see all of us [community] working even to get the good deals when the shops are not open! thank heavens for online shopping!! Thanks to everyone x x

March 2020

Savi T - Wanted to say thank you for helping me get some great presents for my son who has his birthday at the weekend.  Couldnt have afforded to get what I did without you guys.  x


Lynne L - I know you [admin team] know that I am finding it tough at the moment and you have all really made a huge difference, helping me with a purpose for finding deals and sharing and getting the awesome feedback. much love girls.

Kaula I  - Saving some money, but loads of time by just getting the best deals that are posted into the group! really happy I joined!  thank you all! 

February 2020

Andie S - Thank you, thank you, thank you!  only been in the group for 4 weeks but have saved a packet in that time, just wish I knew about it before Crimbo!

Jenny P - Still picked up a great bargain for my daughters birthday even though Jan sales have finished! thanks load x x

Keely M- I have said it before but will say it again "THANK YOU ALL FOR SAVING ME MONEY"

Sara L - Really great people in the group and love the site.  very grateful for the deals. x.

January 2020

Leanne R - Group has been brilliant!!! Loving the last minute bits in Jan Sale that I am picking up.

James K - Heard about this group from some of my mum friends and I am now hooked!  really good bargains and I would recommend to everyone!  Thanks

Julie S - Just love what you all do as saved me a fortune, please keep it up

Nina F - money is tight in at the start of the year but I have 2 birthdays to buy for and this site ment I could keep in my budget

December 2019

Andrew V - An amazing site that has kept me within my budget for Christmas this year!

Alex W - Massive thank you to everyone with all your help finding fantastic deals for the little ones...  and for the first time in years I am ready for Xmas for mine!!

Moe W - Love this site.  It has been brilliant and a huge thank you to the people who post xxx

Marcia AP - Thank you.  I have managed to afford many things that I would not usually able to when paying full price.

Marim B - I have saved loads this year for Christmas so thank you to everyone and their posts x x

November 2019

Nikki P - Absolutely love this group, it is saving me a fortune on Xmas presents.  Thanks girls! x

Rebecca A - I have saved hundreds of pounds due to this site.  Can't thank you all enough. X

Gennine Bellamy - This is a fantastic group!  There is no way I could have bought half of what I've got if it wasn't for this group :) x x

Annabella S - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Loads of bargains for crimbo already.  I just need to stop buying!!

Jessica Z - saved a packet on birthday presents this year and only have last few christmas presents to get and all with money off so far.  Very Happy as has been a hard year. 

October 2019

Josie P - Amazing group.  Been a member for 3 years now and continue to get good deals every week from the team!! x

Sara M - I'd just like to thank every single person who posts these amazing deals for us.  A lot of people are helped by this [Image] x

Susan S - wow - just bought the jacket [70% off fur lined] as a present.  Thank you so much

Kelly B F - I have lots of presents sorted and they were [the] cheapest but there are so many more that I would like to buy to make it the best Chrismtmas but I don't have enough money to get all the bargains! :)

September 2019

Sarah-Jane W - Absolutely looove this site!!  I've saved so much money from being on here!  Thanks a million :)

Thomas P - Just a quick comment to say that I have recently been really thankful for the deals that I have got from here.  It is hard as a single parent to make your money go far, but this site has really helped me.  Pleased keep up the good work.  Many thanks. 

Belle R - a great group and great ppl.  Always helpful and have helped me loads.  Thanks all x x

Jo C - I LOVE THESE EARINGS!! [3D animals from Amazon] - all of my friends loved them so as they were so cheap I got 5 other pairs!  Bargain and look good x x 

August 2019

Joanne B - I love this site, it gives me lots of ideas for presents and those then turn into me usually buying!  Thanks for saving me the hassle!

Catherine H - Just love the things you have on your page! Was told about you from a friend and I am so happy that she told me about you guys

Sarah K - I love this group!  I have found and purchased a lot through this site and saved myself a lot of money! Thank you xx

Nadine H - Would just like to say thank you for all the work you put in to finding all these items as it has helped me and my daughter loads.  Thank you x.

July 2019

Christy - This is the first year I have been on this site... and I am a bargain hunter, but this site has saved me tooo much money!! My little girl is done for this year.

Tracie - My Amazon basket is brimming.  I am so grateful as I would never find all these goodies by myself

Debra - I know what you mean about being addictive, I must check it every night before I go to sleep. 

Helen - This page is fab, I have found toy ideas at amazing prices.  You have helped me get some great toys and gifts.  Love this page, thank you to all.

June 2019

Carly - I'm so addicted to this [Facebook] group.  I have saved myself a fortune, so, thank you for setting this up.  My xmas shopping should be finised before September!  I've told all my friends! x

Charlene - My little boys Christmas has been started and I have not paid full price for a thing, all thanks to this group!

Linzi - My cupboard is already getting full for Christmas.  Friends think I am mad but the saving I make are amazing!

Kylie Dulson - This page is amazing.. I saved so much money last year with all the bargains that were posted.  It's mad to see there are people out there that take time out of there busy life to help others xx

May 2019

Heather - This group is definitely making me so much more organised and stress free :-) Thank you to all of you for all the bargains

Jo-ann McHale - love this group!  Had so many bargains, especially the stuff I didn't actually need.  Thank you x

Jenna - I get great deals thanks to this site.  My kids love me for it.  Thanks to everyone for sharing. X

Sara - I've found amazing deals here , had a fantastic prize and I love visiting you to see what's new to buy!

April 2019

Kristen Cameron - Brilliant site and brilliant group, so helpful for all of us parents. X

Corinne - Just wanted to say thanks for the newsletters.  I just just ordered the Paw Patrol Scooter! Thrilled. xxx

Kerry Iggleden - I have brought lots of present.  Thanks to this amazing page.  Thank you - I feel like I've already won [a prize draw] with all the goodies you have shared x x

Donna - I bought this lot today [photo].  Should have been £76.44 but I got them for £29 so made a £47.44 saving. x

March 2019

Lindsey - Love this site.. Such good bargains to be bought every day!

Rachel - I've got lots of bargains with help from this group - from those that run it and from the other mums and dads who post in it. I browse the group daily and have saved over 50% on rrp on bday and Xmas pressies for my little girl (spent £139...should have cost me £289!).  Very glad I found this community!

Christy - This is the first year I have been on this site... and I am a bargain hunter, but this site has saved me tooo much money!! My little girl is done for this year.

Helen - This page is fab, I have found toy ideas at amazing prices.  You have helped me get some great toys and gifts.  Love this page, thank you to all.

February 2019

Michelle Bryce - The bargain buys for busy mums group, and amazon prime may have saved my Xmas this year... I've not paid full price for anything.  Thank you all for your hard work 

Toni Cooke - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the admin team.  You have been great in the last year that I have been with you [a member].  I've saved loads!!

Sally Ford - I love your [Facebook] page and I've taken advantage of a few of the deals you have posted, so thank you, all of you xxx

Calene - I need to scream and shout....  THANK YOU a million times.  I am still amazed at the find from today!  You guys are 100% amazing!

January 2019

Kylie Dulson - This page is amazing.. I saved so much money last year with all the bargains that were posted.  It's mad to see there are people out there that take time out of there busy life to help others xx

Mellisa Rarity - Just want to say thanks so much to this group.  Managed to get my kids some great stuff for Xmas that I couldn't have afforded full price for.  Thanks you wonderful bunch!

Lyn Kelly - This group is amazing and saves people loads.  I know it has helped my kids for their kids' presents.  I am truly grateful as every penny helps to be able to live.

Rachel Clamp - I love this group as it has saved me so much money over the last few years

December 2018

Lorna Kirk - I've no idea how I'd manage to get the amount of stuff for my two kids for Christmas without this group. We've had quite a few house repairs recently so budget for Xmas tight, but I've followed this group every day and it's helped me immensely.  Well done Admin for developing such an important page, more than helpful to my family and I really appreciate all your hard work!

Tracey - Just wanted to thank everyone involved in sharing items in this group.  Done most of my grandchildren xmas present at half price although they have got double the amount for the money. It's great to get a bargain, please keep up the good work xx

Lynne - Love this site, saved sooooo much money on Xmas presents...haven't paid full price for anything x

Tina Ann - Not bought as much this christmas as money is tight but I still got a few nice bargains and I still check here loads as like looking at what I cant get (lol). Plus it's handy to pass the bargains onto others who don't do Facebook.  I love this group.  Well run, always busy and hardly ever any nastiness from members.  It's a good group and well done all for being part of it.

November 2018

Melissa - Just wanted to say thank you so much for this site.  Managed to get my kids some great stuff for Xmas and I could never have afforded full price.

Jennifer - I keep thinking I must leave this group until after Xmas, but then see another bargain and just can't leave! LOL - Love it!

Jenna - I decided to start Christmas wrapping tonight... I hadn't realised that I had bought so much that it means I have pretty much finished - and all at very reasonable prices!  Just wanted to thank everyone in this group for pointing me in the right direction for a good bargain!!!

Laura - I said literally only 3 days ago that I'm buying no more nerf guns for my son, he has loads of them, then I look on this site and have reserved 2 more in Argos :) :) - I just I love this page.

October 2018

Stacey - I haven't paid full price for anything since joining this group. Big thank you for [finding] all the bargains, my two are well and truly done for Christmas :-D

Lisa - Amazing group, it's the only one that I have notifications turned on for on Facebook. 

Jordan - I always say you all saved me a bomb, but I just spend more..  and love it!! Xx

Laura - I've done most of the kids for Birthdays and Xmas.  To think I had 14 kids to buy for, but just my 3 to go.

September 2018

Amy - This site is brilliant!  We are all going to have even happier children on Christmas morning now x

Tricia - I have purchased many items for gifts thru' this site and it has saved a pensioner some very much needed 'pennies'.  So thank you - you do a fabulous service to those in need. x

Jackie - Just thought I would share some of the many bargains I have had from this site [photo].  I am going to have some very happy grandchildren this Xmas once agin.  Thank you to all who help to make this site special.. x

Terri - Love this site.  Not paid full price for anything in these giant bags [photo]!!  Thank you all for sharing your bargains x x

August 2018

Becky - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the people who search for the bargains posted on this page!  Thanks to you I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and got loads of absolute bargains!

Lisa - I'm so so happy - ASDA 'every little helps'... Love this site, I can't wait to see the next bargain posted.  Thanks so much bargain buys for busy mums, so extremely happy parents and purses/wallets.  Thanks to you all, we love you xxx, keep posting people xxx.

Zoe - I have had loads of bargains off of here so far this year - from toys to clothes.  Happy mum = Happy boys!

Sara -Your emails are awesome! Keep up the good work!  Thank you so much xx

July 2018

Shannon - Can't believe how many bargains I have got, forgot about most of them!  Thanks to everyone that posts as I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.

Michelle - I tallied up 5 presents last night, they would come to £72.59, but I only paid £18.73 so well made up!  All thanks to this page and you lovely lot that make it :)

Joanne - Absolutely love this site, I have started my Xmas shopping already and I know it's a little early but with both my boys Birthdays in January and others in Jan/Feb it's never too early!  So far I have bought toys that should cost over £360 for £112, so thank you to all the bargain spotters.

Claire - I love this group so much.  I check it a few times a day and scroll right down just in case I missed anything the first time.  LOL.  My Christmas presents are coming on great.  Thank you to everyone that posts and to the admin.

June 2018

Suzanne - Bargain buys for busy mums, you done it again! Showing offers for fantastic gifts for my daughters birthday.  Love this group so much, getting amazing gifts for low prices.

Cheryl - I tell everyone about this group!  It's excellent for us mums!

Jane - Honestly didn't think that I'd still be using this site so much after Christmas past, but the bargains kept coming and so I am still using it as much... I think it's fair to say that this site will always be one of my favourite [to use] throughout the year x x.

Amy - Thank you to everyone on this page :)  Managed to get all my daughters presents in just 6 weeks, saving hundreds, keep up the good work people.

May 2018

Lisa - This page is fantastic, just wish I had found your sooner x x

Laura - This page is really good.  I have got some great bargains through your page.  Thank you for doing this!

Margaret - This is a great page for cheap priced items and also ideas for gifts, I check this page out everyday.  Please keep up the great work folks.  Thanks xxx

Jayne - This site costs me a fortune, but save me a lot more - with my own two children plus birthday parties week after week...

April 2018

Kerry - I have brought lots of present thanks to this amazing group. Thank you, I feel like I've already won [the weekly prize] with all the goodies your have shared!!

Ann Marie - Honestly you guys are amazing! Like everyone else, money is tight and you have save me a fortune and my little boy doesn't miss out <3  x x

Hayley - I have saved about 70% off the total value of all this stuff [photo] thanks to this site.  All ready for Birthdays!

Leanne - Thanks to this group and me being the 'cheap' one of the family I got all of my daughters toys for £94.01 and all of my sons presents for £37.94 [photo]!

March 2018

Cassie - Just wanted to thank all the busy mums for my bargains, I have got two tiny birthdays next month and they could have been ALOT more expensive [Photo]

Pauline - What a fantastic FB group.  I've bought loads of toys that I wouldn't have even known were on offer as I don't have time to trawl through websites like Argos and Amazon, but I've seen bargain prices for items and ordered them!  Your members have saved me a fortune!  A Big Thankyou.

Angelina - of all the facebook groups I have joined, this is by far the best.  Got my 20p earings this morning.  With bargains like that, Christmas should only cost me a couple of £ - thankyou.

Natasha - I bought this (photo) and put it away for father Christmas.  I am getting quite a cupboard full thanks to this site and the bargain buys for busy mums group.

February 2018

Keri - This site is lethal.... Lol.. I just cant stop buying bargains!  Keep up the good work x x

Tricia - I have bought masses of items recommended by others in the group and for the prices paid I haven't been dissappointed by anything whatsoever.  I'm a poor OAP (lol) and very grateful for this site, so keep up the good work!

Natalie - I'll be honest, I've been a member for a while and posts would go up and I would scroll past without a thought, but recently after spending time to get to know the gruop and what it is about, I now find it invaluable!  I've made a fabulous head start on the kids xmas presents - something I have never done before!.  I can't say thank you enough.

Kate - I love looking at the piles of presents that people show on here [the FB group] - it makes me smile that there will be lots of happy little ones!  This site is amazing!

January 2018

Sharon - I've bought lots of stuff through here, thank you.  It's a brilliant page and I have to check it out at least 3 times a day!

Lisa - Just wanted to swing by and thank all you wonderful people who've posted bargains on here.  I bought my son loads of stuff through this site for Xmas, meaning I've saved so much money and managed to double the gifts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rachel - I absolutely love this group.  I check it every morning.  It has saved me an absolute fortune xx

Graham - My wife has filled a cupboard with these bargains.. Can we change the name from 'Bargain Buys For Busy Mums' to 'Hubbies Lock down that Credit Card' :)

December 2017

Nina - I won the Disney Toy Bundle!  I can't believe it!  I never win anythig!  I have 3 litle boys - this is fantastic, thank you so much!!!

Elizabeth - Just a quick thank you as your site has really helped me - I'm a disabled mum of 4. You ladies do such a fantastic job and I can't even explain how much help its been for me this Christmas and last Christmas when I first found your Fb group.  Thanks again.

Kylie - This page is amazing.. I saved so much this year with all the bargains everyone has posted.  It's great to see there are people out there that take time out of their busy lives to help others. x x

Lorna - I have no idea how I would manage to get the amount of stuff for my two kids for Christmas with this group.  Things are tight, but I have followed the group every day and it's helped me immensely.  Well done for developing such an important group tha that is more than helpful to my family - I really appreciate it!

November 2017

Sam - Thank you so much.  My kids and husband are about to have a brilliant Christmas, I really couldn't have done it without you! xxx

Joe - hi there, just want say if it wasn't for this website/facebook group my kids wouldn't have been able get what we have got for them.  You all do a great job and the effort you all give is amazing!!  So from myself and my wife we say a big thank you.

Rachel - I hate this page! Just when you think you have bought all your Xmas presents for your 3 year old boy something else pops up! I can't help but buy it when its such a bargain!  A love/hate relationship

Katy - I Love this page. Haven't paid full price for any of my son's Christmas presents which includes a £100 scooter thanks to me finding out smyths were doing money off. x.

October 2017

Melanie (winner of £444.44 from our October prize draw) -  Just wanted to say I have the money in the bank and thank you so, so much as I am on my own with 2 children.  This is really going to help towards Christmas.

Jayne - This page is incredible!  I only joined a week ago and have already saved loads thanks to all you lovely ladies.  It has also given me gift ideas that I would have never thought of.  Christmas on a budget has been so much easier, thanks everyone!

Kirstie - I wish I'd know about this site ages ago.  There are some real bargains here! x x - Thanks.

Claire - Thankyou so much to the admin person who posted the £30 off a £60 spend for new customers it's really helped me.  This site has already taken away alot of stress for me this Xmas.  Please keep up good work :)

September 2017

Tracey - Just wanted to thank everyone involved in sharing items in this group, I have got most of my grandchildren xmas presents at half price - so it means they have got double the amount for the same money! It's great to get bargains, keep up the good work x x

Donna - I wanted to message you all (the admin team) personally to thank you for what you do for the members in the BB4BM group.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you do sourcing bargains for us all.  I havent paid anything for Christmas yet thanks to you guys.

Penny - Wow, what a fantastic group, thankyou so much for being added, with 4 boys to buy for this is just what I need! :)

 Priyadarshani - Since I've joined this group, I have saved a lot of money - especially on toys.  Well done to the admin and an early Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

August 2017

Alice - Your website is fantastic, I always find some great bargains!!

Nadia - Just want to say I love this site.  I don't normally buy items so quickly, but the deals that you find are so good it's hard not to buy.  Thank you for the great work

Maria - All ready for my little man's 4th Birthday and just wanted to say thanx as every single present is a bargain that I got from being in the group.  See... wishes really can come true... they will for our little one x x

Roni - Got the smart play washing machine today for £4.80 with your code. Granddaughter loves it!! Thanks for sharing this bargain! JUST LOVE THIS SITE.

July 2017

Kim - Thankyou so much for the voucher! Would also like to thank the whole team for the running of the group.  Have had a few bargains for Christmas already so will have two happy boys on Christmas Day!

Ann Marie - Wow what a fab group! Thanks everyone!

Nicole - Well you asked for feedback so I'm giving it to you...  this is an amazing and selfless group, I've saved many pounds from all the hard work you guys put in and you should be really very proud.  It's so easy to use and saves tons of time trying to search for bargains.  I really appreciate everything you guys do.

Kirsty - Thanks to this site I have got my girls so much in their £350 budgets as if the stuff was full price I would have spent £1100! So I am a very happy mummy.

June 2017

Kirsty - Got to say I'm addicted to this site.  I check it multiple times a day & have saved so much!  It's definitely a page that I will never be without now.  Thank You

Rosie - What a fantastic group!  It's helped me soo much this year cos money is soo hard to find, thank you x

Sharon - Liked and shared with my friends, love this site, its fantastic, have had many a wonderful bargain - thankyou

May 2017

Shell - I would like to make a complaint about this site :) - Stop tempting me to do the Xmas shopping. he he.  Thanks everyone, lots of offers that I Have purchased already!!

Claire - ** My hoard so far [photo] ** I love this group so much!  I have four children and a number of health issues so have to be super organised and the group really does help me with this!

Susan - The best site I have been on for bargains, please keep up the good work.

April 2017

Jordann - God this page is dangerous! 2 weeks in and I got all of this stuff and a tablet ordered today, my kids are going to be very happy if I carry on liek this!  Love this page!

Debbie - Anything and everything at a bargain price. :)  u do a fab job x

Amanda - Can't wait for the next newsletter, the last one was fab and full of great bargains.  Love this page!!!

Suzanne - Its amazing, I got so many bargains for xmas already 'cos of this [facebook] group - half done already, amazing x

March 2017

Amelia - Thank you for posting this bargain (to outside toy sale with further reductions).  My little one will now be getting a water table for Easter that we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise.  Love this group x

Leslieanne - You all do an awesome job thank you!!  WIth being on a tight budget due to get married, I have been able to get my kids some awesome gifts at a fab price x

Cheryl - I tell myself several times a day to step away from the page...  But then I get a notification and think "oh I'll just take a look" and then before you know it, I am on it for hours!

February 2017

Kelsie - I have posted a few bargains in the group before, but I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who take a little time out of their day to share their amazing bargains!  I have saved an absolute fortune the past year.  Thanks again to everyone for coming together and helping each other out!

Rebecca - My bargains so far [Photo].  Everything has been half price or less.  We have alot of kiddies to buy for throughout the year so an early start is necessary - as well as being a member of bb4bm!

Susan - This is a great group!  Thank you all for running it - it won't be long until I start my Christmas shopping on here as it really helps loads for finding cheap presents.

January 2017

Samantha - I just want to say I love this group.  I have all my cards, wrap, colouring packs and tree decorations for Xmas 2017 already!  Just presents to go and I would be ready again.  It is amazing really x x

Kerry - New year means I will definitely be looking at this page loads more, putting bargains away for Christmas and birthdays this year.. Every penny counts when you have 5 kids to buy for!.. I want a huge pile of presents this at Christmas - bigger then last year and you people will definitely help me with that :)

Lisa - What a great end to a somewhat horrid year, winning £250 to spend in the entertainer. Thanks bb4bm I'm so happy. HAPPY NEW YEAR. I love this group, it has saved me so much and now im starting 2017 a very happy mummy.

Sally - Thank you so much! I am really shocked but over the moon to have won [£250 Hawkin's Bazaar gift voucher] in your prize give-away.   Thank you so much I love your group xx

December 2016

Nicolle - I want to say a HUGE thank you to Bargain buys for busy mums... I have been searching high and low to find a hatchimal for my little boy but everywhere has sold out of them, he has been going on about it but I thought I was going to have to disappoint him on Christmas Day -  but thanks to you guys I won the hatchimal giveaway! I can't thank you enough!

Elaine - Merry Christmas to u all.  I only found this group a month or so ago and I was feeling pretty down because I'd been made redundant and funds were very limited for Christmas but thanks to all your teams hard work I have managed to get some amazing bargains and spoil my family. Thank u thank u thank u xxxx

Kerry - New year means I will definitely be looking at this pages loads more for bargains and putting them away for Christmas and birthdays later in the year.. Every penny counts when you have 5 kids to buy for - so keep all the bargains coming people!.. I have a huge pile of presents for this Christmas coming but want a bigger one for next year and this page will definitely help me with that :)

Tina - Just want to say a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all in the group.. thanks to all who shared their bargains and a really big thankyou to Admin for running this group ..without this page I would be better off lol but awfully bored lol.. I love going through the bargains on daily...ok ok..hourly basis :) - as I'm sure many others do too.. .So once again Thank you and you all have a wonderful Christmas x

November 2016

Grace - Seriously love this page.  Christmas was looking lean this year, but thanks to this site I started making the odd small purchases a couple of months ago and now if I can't afford anything else, I know my boys are going to have another lovely Xmas.  So many bargains, I haven't paid more than a tenner for anything.  Top page!

Michelle - Thanks to this page nothing has been bought at full price.  2 happy little ones @ xmas! [photo]

Natilie - Please don't think I am being rude, but I hate this site! Every time I think I am done with my kids Christmas shopping - yet another person puts up a fab deal!!  So now I have spent a fortune but also saved a fortune too!  Love you all.  x x PS please no more great deals :)

Sammie - Thank you to everyone in this group!  Just finished wrapping up my daughters 1st Christmas presents!  Saved a fortune!  Will still be scanning this page for her 1st Birthday in January :) :)

October 2016

Kimberly - You all do a great job, I have finished my crimbo shopping for my 2 kids, nephew and niece already thanks to this site.  This will now free up a bit of cash in November and December.  I'm a very happy mummy here and will have a thrilled 2 and 5 year old come crimbo morning.

Karen - Thanks to this page I have just completed my youngest sons Xmas presents!  Saved over £100 - so a very happy mum who can't wait to see his face Xmas morning.

Donna - I love Christmas but it's so much easier spreading the cost over the year getting bargains listed on here. I bought wrapping paper early in the year for 10p a roll, so I couldn't resist wrapping and storing some of my presents already.

Sarah - I wanted to say a huge thanks to Jody, Amanda and all of the team!  I have had some absolutely amazing deals for Christmas here and then last night I found out I was one of the winners of their prize draw!!  Such an inspriation to others and I think what they have set up here is incredible

September 2016

Michelle - This site help me get most of my Christmas presents for my little girlie.  Her Birthday is November so will now be looking out for goodies for that now.  Thank you bargain buys for busy mums! x

Zena - Finished buys the kids presents and gound some fab bargains thanks to this site.

Helen - Just some of the bargains I have got from being in the group [photo] - Super helpful, especially as it's my little boys birthday on Chirstmas eve.

Sharisse - Just reserved a great bargain!  I'm addicted to this page! I have not paid full price for one Christmas present! LOVE IT!

August 2016

Donna - I just want to say a big thank you to BB4BM for informing me that I've won a £100 ELC voucher in the Daily Bargain Alert Newsletter Price Draw.  I hardly ever win anything, so this is a total surprise. xx

Beckie - Love this page, I've got some real bargains for my boys for Xmas.

Rachel - My daughters 2nd Birthday & Xmas are done.  I'm meant to stop looking at this [group] now but I'm addicted! :)

Julie - I've finished buying for my 4 kids and all of our friends kids too. It's all wrapped up and ready for Christmas.  And I've still got a wardrobe full of bits for any parties they get invited too!

July 2016

Suzzanne - Just want to take the time to thank everyone who is in the group.  I have had some real bargains through this group and with working and three youngs ones I normally don't shop around, but everyone has saved me some good money these past couple of months.  I LOVE THIS GROUP :)

Amy - Love this site - just over £80 worth of stuff for just under £40!  My little ones love miles from tomorrow, but it's so expensive full price. Thanks again xx

Michelle - Wow - prizes as well as great bargains, this page is awesome lol.  I wanted to say thank you to everyone that posted as all my kids will have a brilliant xmas even though I am on a very low income they will still have good presents [Photo], so thank you.

Polly - I won the last one [competition] and it was amazing! I got all my little ones Birthday presents, it saved me a fortune which means I have been able to spend it on a party for him - a digger themed one!

June 2016

Helen - I absolutely love this group.  I am a nana of 5 soon 6 and my grandkids seem to have everything they need when they come to mine - the only problem is that they [members] find fantastic stuff very cheap, so I am always skint xxxxx

Gill - We have had an extremely tough year, but well and truly on the way to being sorted for Christmas thanks to this amazing site!!!! Thank you x

Hannah (prize winner) - OMG I've won, thank you so much!!!

Rachel - I've got lots of bargains with help from this group - from those that run it and from the other mums and dads who post in it. I browse the group daily and have saved over 50% on rrp on bday and Xmas pressies for my little girl (spent £139...should have cost me £289!).  Very glad I found this community!

May 2016

Lisa - This is a photo of all of my bargins so far - which are 95% from posts in this group. Thanks once again to the people who run this and to the lovely people that post their bargins x  Got 9 children's Christmas's sorted (including two of my kids) plus loads of birthday party gifts.

Carly - I'm so addicted to this [Facebook] group.  I have saved myself a fortune, so, thank you for setting this up.  My xmas shopping should be finised before September!  I've told all my friends! x

Polly (prize winner) - So last week we won the £100 ELC gift card! Today we took a trip to get little man some goodies. We managed to get a slide, a balance bike, a space hopper and a happy land castle. I have one very very happy boy. Thank you so much!

April 2016

Sandra - Amazing to get to 290k members!  Well done, you do a great job, I literally check this page every day (several times!) x

Lindsey - Love this site.. Such good bargains to be bought every day!

Kathleen - I recently bought a couple of small things that were advised on this site and although they cost me £3.50 to send to Canada they were still fantastic buy  s and cheaper by over half the original price including the postage.  Thank you for all the good work by the admin team and thanks to the members for keeping their eyes and ears pealed for great bargains and then taking the time to share.

Lisa (prize winner) - Thank you so much!  Just received my Amazon voucher through email :) x x

March 2016

Michelle - I love this site.  I can't recommend it enough.  It has helped me so much considering I am a single mum with 6 kids. These are what I have bought from posts on this site since Xmas (photo). It has saved me loads of money X

Carisha - totally amazing group of bargains.. I've finished buying for my youngest child for Christmas and got most things for my older two.  I've recommended about 4 other friends who have also started their Christmas shopping now :) x

Carly (prize winner) - Thank you very much.  A very nice surprise when I opened my email. x

February 2016

Amie - Just wanted to say thank you so much for your daily emails.  So glad I subscribed as I hadn't been able to check the group but got an email with a highchair that I had looked at before but ruled out as it was too expensive.  But it was listed at a bargain price so got it straight away.  So thank you for saving me money - even on the days I can't check the group.

Sara - Huge congratulations to the winners of the Mother's day flowers! And to others commenting - think yourself lucky we're all in this group! I consider Every bargain I pick up from here a win!

Amanda - My wardrobe is full.  I am skint now but ready for Xmas 2016 lol. 

January 2016

Jo - Love this page more than anything. I've been able to give the kids everything they've asked for for Xmas and birthdays and not paid full price for any of it! Thank you all so much xxx

Mandy - A massive thank you for all your hard work in finding amazing bargains. I'm quite poorly so can't get to the shops and struggle surfing internet. Now all i do is check out this site cos you wonderful people have taken away all the hard work, once again Thank You.

Donna - Would like to say a big thank you to everyone who posts the offers on this page and those who run it, it's been an absolute life saver for this Christmas and will continue to be so.

Robyn - Thank you to everyone who posted about the Tesco deals.  I made a dent in my little boys 2nd Birthday and got the Transfomer Mashers as birthday party presents - :)

December 2015

Fay - Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all that run this, it's fabulous with bargains galore xxxx

Tracy - I Love BBBM as I've got 6 children to buy for Xmas and birthdays and you've saved me loads of money & hassle in what to buy this year. Would be lost without this site lol. Xx

Sandra - Merry Christmas to the whole team. Thanks for saving us all money in the past year xx

Nicky - Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you've helped me save so much money on so many lovely bargains! Here's to a bargain filled 2016! xxx

Rachel - I couldn't have done Christmas without you, thank you so much x

November 2015

Louise - Love this page, dont think I have paid full price for anything and have got loads of 3 for 2's as well.  Going to have 2 happy kids x

Katy - Would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone in the group who finds bargains.  I should have spent over £450 for everything I got, but I have only spent £200.  Best bargain was a bike from Tesco for £5 (their own mistake).  My boys are going to be so happy and I have finished my Christmas shopping at the beginning of November!  Thank you all again so much. 

Samantha - Just Brilliant.  I have a love hate relationship with this site, love when I say that's the last of the Xmas shopping, hate when I see an amazing deal I have to buy :)  x

Rachel - Thankyou BB4BM, lots of great bargains and savings so I will have 3 happy boys.  I still have a few bits to get, but no doubt the rest will be through this page. xxx

Lynne - I Love this page - I have got Xmas finished and mostly from the bargains I have seen here.  A massive thank you.